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Compressors equipment repairs

altAir screw compressors are in the important position in the industrial process, therefore all aggregates breaks and troubleshooting affecting to industrial process in general and have not expected results. Air screw compressors quality and advantages are undeniable, but every mechanism is run-out eventually, some parts operate not stable, some are out of operation at all.

  It is impossible to avoid this situation, but it is possible to decrease expenses for the air screw compressors repairs. The simplest and effective ways is to maintenance the compressors equipment in time and not just replace air and oil filters, separator and oil, but make diagnostics of the separate parts addicted to the run-out. Careful compressor equipment revision and diagnostics allow to find small problems and avoid big problems, hence have less expenses and time for the adjustment and repair of the equipment.

The possible variants of the air end break include:

1. Air end breakage

Air end is the heart of the compressor, it is the most important and most expensive part, therefore it is very important to care about it and avoid replacement of the air end. In case of replacement, the total amount of new air end is about 70% of total price the compressor. But it is the worst variant. Please see chapter “Air end repairs” to know regarding possible variants of block the unit. Unfortunately, if air end is blocked, this problem will not be solved just replacement of the spare parts. It is necessary to make diagnostics, to understand what repairs have to be released.

2.  Drivebreakage

In compressor with belt drive, the possible case is belt rupture. The belt is run-out during operation because of abrasion and dust in the air. Usually similar problems are not the case of negative consequences and it is necessary just to replace the belt.
Compressor with gear drive needs more efforts. The most common problem is gear drive block, run-out the gears. These parts and their repairs are quite expensive.
And, at last, compressors with direct drive. The direct drive failure can be connected with flexible coupling break. This coupling is providing connection between drive and air end. In this case the broken part has to be replaced and compressor has to be inspected and checked.


There are some possible problems: the most expensive is replacing of the electrical motor and more effective is motor winding recovery. However it is possible to avoid the electrical motor break by replacing the motor bearings after vibration appears.

4. Frequency inverter is out of operation

The frequency inverter is designed for the motor speed regulation and offer to decrease power consumption significantly. During the time frequency inverter also can out of the order because of damage the cable, pollution, overheating, or other cases. Almost always they can be repaired, so it is not necessary to replace the whole device.

5. Controller is out of operation:it is necessary make settings of the all compressor parameters, replace all power section elements which are out of order (starters, rely), adjustment one or group of the compressors in adjusted mode.


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