Guidelines for inspection of Handsome II

Wednesday - 31/07/2019 21:39

Guidelines for inspection of Handsome II

Inspection intervals and inspection items depend on the installation site as well as operating conditions. The table below provides the rough guidlines. Sound operation is expected if the guidelines are followed.

Parts Inspection  items. Daily Semi-annually
( every 3000h)

( every 6000h)
Every 2 years
Overhaul every 4 years Remarks
Dust filte Check and leaning *        

Cleaning interval depends on the operating conditions /
As a guideline, clean the machine every three months /
Increase or decrease the cleaning frequency according to the operating conditions.
Change dust filter if damage.

Suction filter Check for contamination or cleaning .     *    

The severity of contamination and clogging differs according to the operation conditions. Change suction filter if badly contaminated.

Oil filter cartridge Check and cleaning .     (0)    

Check the fitting part. If improperly fit, replace the cartrige.

Oil separator element. Regular change.     (0)    

Change element when changing lubricating oil.
Change it if lubricating oil recovery is insufficient.

Compressor machnical seal. Check.       * (0)


Change.         (0)


Bearing for compressor. Check and cleaning.     *    

Change silencer if badly contaminated.

Oil cooler
After cooler /Bộ làm mát dâu.
Check on fin for dirtiness and cleaning     *    

Increase or decrease the cleaning frequency  depends on the operating conditions

Dryer condenser Check and cleaning     *    

Clean condenser together with cooler

Poly V-belt Check or retension     *    

Check V-belt for tension, wear, damage, crack and slipping.

Change         (0)

Change V-belt every four years or 12000h whichever comes earlier

Volumetric regulating valve diaphragm Functional check and change     *    

Replace in case of malfuntion

Presure control valve     *    
Solenoid valve Funtional check.          
Safety valve          
Dryer solenoid valve ( for dryer intergrated types) *        

Clean or change  in case of malfuntion

Drain separator( For  unit w/o dryer) *        

Clean or change  in case of malfuntion

Main motor Insulation test     *    

Motor is usable if resistance is 10 Ω or more when cooled.

Bearing change       * (0)


Starting board(Magnets, relays, wiring, etc.) Funtional check          


Sensor Funtional check          

Replace with new one in case of malfuntion

Oil gauge Funtional check *        

Make sure the oil level is within the range between the upper limit and the lower limit. If it’s below the lower limit, replenish  lubricant. The oil level falls by approx 30mm when 24 operation is continued for one month

Lubricating oil Regular change   (0)      


Lubricating oil Regular change   (0)      

As a guideline, change every two years or 3000h

  • Change parts marked with * when defects or errors are observed
  • Change parts marked with (0 )   
  • Warranty period of this machine shall be 12 months from the date of completion of the test run 15 months from the  maintenance are of shipment, whichever comes earlier.
  • Standards for listed based on normally expected practices.

  Overhaul the machine every 4 years, regardless of operation hours. At the same time, change bearings and clean the coil of the motor.

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